Why do we need to create a profile to complete the survey?

In order to ensure that everyone completes only one survey.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes. All identifiable information (name, email, etc.) is encrypted.

What is the goal of Colors of Covid?

To collect data about racialized and marginalized communities that can be used to demand and provide better services to those communities.

Do you share the data you collect with anybody else?

Yes, but NOT your identifiable information (name, email, etc.). We are partnered with organizations that advocate for you and seek to improve the services to your community. We selectively provide some of these organizations with the data from the surveys in order to power their own research.

When can I see the results of the survey?

We will be releasing quarterly reports to the public.


Who are you looking to partner with?

We partner with organizations that believe in creating an equitable future for all Canadians.

What does a partnership with you look like?

We have various partnership tiers. Please create an Organization Account for more details.

What if people in our community don’t have access to a computer/smartphone?

We provide partner organizations with the ability to enter multiple surveys in order to give a voice to those who otherwise wouldn’t have one.

Do we have access to the raw data from the survey?

Community Partners are provided with early access to our quarterly reports. Premium Partners have access to the raw data from surveys they create. Ambassador Partners also have access to raw data from our main survey (minus any identifiable information).

Can partners decide which questions are on the survey?

Ambassador Partners automatically have a seat on our Survey Board, which determines which questions will be used for the next survey.